The primary purpose of Serudj Tawi is unification. We are aware that the concept of unification is connected to the Kemetic word SMA or SMAI. However, the unification we are addressing in this life cycle is one of healing. This brings us to the concept of SERUDJ, or Restoration. 


“Restoration” is the theme that we shall be concerning ourselves with; the restoration of the Kemetic Legacy to its former glory. In spite of all the Afrikans practicing the “Kemetic lifestyle”, it still appears that Kemet is only used as a historic or academic reference; an honorable mention of our greatness as a people in yesteryear. We are focusing our energies on breaking the so-called Willie Lynch Syndrome that implies that Black folks are disorganized and cannot get along. 


The Serudj Tawi Ketem (covenant) between the Temple of Anu, Nu Aset Temple, and Ra Sekhi Arts Temple under the leadership of Hem NTR Naswt Biti Ra Sankhu Kheper focuses on charging and restoring

  • Black men and women as conscious Divine Law abiding citizens of the universe;

  • Elders as righteous and responsible living repositories of our Kemetic inner and outer traditions;

  • the necessary cohesion of the Nu-Black family through solid family based ceremonies;

  • and a Priesthood that accepts the lifelong charge to upkeep and maintain the established ceremonies as well as serve as shining examples of NTR’s wisdom and power.

Mwt Shepset SharrUr TepRamutab, founder and head priestess of Nu Aset Temple in Cleveland OH; Hem NTR Naswt Biti Ra Sankhu Kheper, founder of the Temple of Anu in Newark NJ and leader of the Serudj Tawi Ketem; and Heqat Rekhit Kajara Nia Yaa Nebthet, founder and head priestess of Ra Sekhi Arts Temple in Atlanta GA.

“I made magnificent what I found ruined in its place.

I restored what was damaged long ago and was no longer in its place.”


“Seek to perform your duties to the highest ability; this way, your actions will be blameless.”

Kemetic Proverbs