There are two paths to take when connecting with the Divine Force: the first is through intellectual knowledge, and the second is through experiential wisdom.

This intensive brings the two pathways together with the goal of activating and strengthening a personal connection for easier and fuller access to both the inner and outer Divinity.

Our NTRT of focus is Het-Heru, She who fills the sanctuary with joy.

This is the second in our NTRelationships series; the first focused on Djehuty and the faculty of wisdom and divine intelligence. Hmt NTR Embahra Maat will lead a NTRelationships intensive once seasonally, so check this space again for information on the fall 2018 workshop. 

Lunch is included and will be served to all attendees. 

Initiates, supporters, guests, beginners to the tradition, long-time practitioners - all are welcome!

Tickets are available on Eventbrite; you can also visit the event page on Facebook for regular updates.