Feast of Sekhmet

December 31, 2015

7:30 pm to 1:30 am

Join us on New Year's Eve to celebrate Sekhmet in fiery fashion!

Ntrt Sekhmet is the powerful one, she who loves Maat and abhors Isfet. Sekhmet was sent by Ra to punish the Kemau for turning their backs on the way of Maat. Her power and force reminds us that we will always reap what we sow. Using the power of Sekhmet to our benefit teaches us to channel her fire into the maintenance of Maat within and without. Sekhmet forces us to ask ourselves if we are contributing to divine order, or disrupting it

The highlight of the evening is a fire ritual, the element that represents the passions of Sekhmet. As the flames are burning brightly, we release all of the troubles, pathologies, issues, fears, etc. that have kept us from reaching the peaks of success that we are capable of.

The night will also include:

  • Home-cooked vegetarian cuisine;
  • Teaching the children the story of Sekhmet and keeping them engaged in African culture and spirituality;
  • Ceremony to honor Het-Heru, divine manifestation of love, attraction and joy;
  • Ritual to honor Bastet, divine manifestation of music, protection, and harmony;
  • Libation to honor our Ancestors, those ancient and familial;
  • Dancing, celebrating, and communing with others of like mind and spirit.