Geb is the masculine representation of earth. Many of us think of the earth as a mother, relating the earth’s abundance to the feminine quality of nurturing life. Geb is the masculine nature of the physical plane; his laughter is said to cause the earth to quake. As the fertile force that impregnates the cosmos (represented by his consort Nut), Geb shows us that when we use our energy to plant seeds in the universe, we can expect a divine harvest.

Geb reminds us to be assertive about how we approach our reality and not to wait passively for our abundance to be harvested. Instead, we have the right to create conditions that will guarantee our success.

By meditating and observing the sacred cycles, we can plant seeds and expect that our intentions will be made manifest on the earth plane. Our abundance does not need to be solely cosmic; we are not people who must wait until the afterlife to receive from the universe. By channeling the power of Geb, we can expect to see improvement in our lives surrounding material concerns, particularly in finances, family, and health. 

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