E em htp!

{I come offering peace & satisfaction}

In this, our third edition of the Serudj Tawi newsletter, Temple of Anu, Nu Aset Temple and (newly inducted family) Ra Sekhi Arts Temple celebrate & reflect on the Kemetic New Year {Wep RenPet} and the abundant blessings that it brings.

The opening of the year expands hearts, and we invite you to expand your mind and heart to welcome, embrace and receive what is divinely yours to have this new year!

Set an intention for a greater connection to NTR and kemmune with us through the sacred Kemetic text, the energies of the NTRU, our Ancestral rituals, and the words of wisdom highlighted in this publication.

Welcome to Serudj Tawi

Shem em htp!

Living MAAT

  “...The balancing of the land lies in Maat – truth, justice and righteousness. Do not speak falsely for you are great; do not act lightly for you have weight; be not untrue for you are the balance and do not swerve for you are the standard. You are on the level with the balance. If it tilts, then, you will lean too. Do not drift, rather steer...”

- The Book of Khun-Anup

The Serudj Tawi Ketem {covenant} is focused on restoring the Kemetic legacy to its former glory with a demand of greater commitment to: Remetch {black men & women}, Sheps {elders}, Abet {family based ceremony}, Seba {wise instructors}, Shetu {priests}, and Naswt Biti {the Kemetic leader}. As Kemites of the Temple of Anu, Nu Aset Temple and Ra Sekhi Arts Temple, we acknowledge the Kemetic Legacy as our divine inheritance, and accept our sacred duty to restore this Legacy. Thus, we are each charged to share in the responsibility of unifying, growing, strengthening and protecting our collective kemmunity.

Meditate daily on the Tep Ra of the Ntr/Ntrt who chose you during Wep RenPet {Kemetic New Year} and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual balance in your thoughts, words and deeds. Allow NTR to speak to you and through you so that you become the light that guides and directs others to the path.

There is much work to do. Act swiftly & thoughtfully, and perform always with the intentions of Maat!

“I restored (serudj) that which I found ruined;
I joined (thes) that which I found severed,
And I replenished (meh) that which I found depleted.”
- Rediu-Khnum


Anedge hra tenu NETERU

Nut is the motherly force that nurtures all of creation by being the barrier that stops chaos from disrupting the world. Her body is the heavens covered with stars, and it is said that she gives birth to the sun daily. The five Ntru of Wep RenPet {Kemetic New Year} are the children of Nut, born after Djehuty maneuvered around the decree of Ra to allow her to give birth. This connects Nut to the passage of time, both the charting of each day and the change of each calendar year.

Nut reminds us that we are not merely beings of the earth, and we must nurture our spiritual aspects just as we care for our bodies. Remaining connected to Spirit and nurturing our divine potential serves to keep the forces of Isfet {chaos} at bay. Just as Nut acts as a vessel for Spirit to manifest itself, so too must we be available and open to allowing the Ntru to live, speak, and act in and through us. Our greatest potentiality gestates within and we must protect it from being corrupted by darkness. This is the example and power of the great mother Nut, for she is the force which allows Divinity to live.

Belief in the NETERU

The Kemetic tradition is not polytheistic as eurocentric researchers & egyptologists would have you to believe. In actuality, as discussed in our June newsletter, we believe in NTR and a Creator that is one with its creation - the oneness of God, if you will. Taking this thought even further, the African mind sees supreme intelligence in all things that exist, which means that NTR can express itself in however many ways It chooses. The Neteru are the individual expressions of NTR; the myriad of ways that the Creator chooses to express itself to us and through us.

Our Ancestors took the time to observe the design of nature: the way trees process carbon monoxide and release oxygen; the way vultures eating carrion contribute to harmonious balance. In this they saw supreme intelligence – NTR. To access NTR, they began to name and honor these qualities they respected as divinely inspired. When we “call on” a Neteru, we are calling on the supreme intelligence that manifests itself in this unique form - allowing us to better connect with, direct and respect the Divine force. When we respect Ta-Urt {an expression of the abundant & plentiful earth}, we respect the very land that nourishes us with fruits, vegetables, & grain, thus honoring the divine design of planting, nurturing & harvesting, and learning that the universe will always provide. When we honor Ptah {an expression of the creativity of mankind}, we are respecting the intellect and imagination that comes together in the mind of a master craftsman - honoring the divine design of our mental capacity, and learning that we too have the ability to create great things.

By looking at the individual expressions of NTR in this way, and getting to know the Neteru one by one, we are better able to understand what it is to be divine beings, how to access our Divinity, and how to use it for our collective benefit.

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